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Semis shampoo is hair growth and hair loss (baldness) treatment shampoo. The shampoo helps prevent/treats hair loss, promotes hair growth and healthier thicker hair. The special ingredients are a mixture of aloes, rosemary and other spices. The shampoo is suitable for all men and women of all types of hair who wants to treat hair loss and wants to maintain a healthy hair growth.
Your hair grows faster, with more volume, stronger, thicker and brighter. The special ingredients are a formula of Aloes, rosemary, honey and other herbs.
Semis Shampoo is suitable to women, men, kids with cases of alopecia. All types of hair that want to treat hairloss and want to maintain a healthy hair growth. The results in woman are evident in about two weeks and about three weeks in men, kids in about a week in half.
For better results we strongly encourage you stop using other shampoos for the reason that the majority of shampoos in the marketplace are chemically based and do a lot of damage to your hair and scalp. They are other shampoos who claim to be natural but in reality only contain plant extracts and are not effective at all.
What makes Semis Shampoo different its that it contains 100% of the plants nutrients. This makes your scalp and ahir absorb more nutrients and vitamins essential to obtain amazing results in such a short period of time.
Semis Shampoo is for daily use. It does not have any side effects because its a natural base shampoo. For better results and maximum potential of using Semis Shampoo we recommend you get a small portion of it and apply it and massage your scalp between seven to ten minutes. Depending on your particular case but the majority of our satisfied customers enjoy between seventy to one hundred percent of hair recovery in a period between three to four months. Results vary depending on the consistency and adecuate use of Semi Shampoo.
So go ahead and get on this incredible journey in recovery of growing your hair back to the greatest its even been. We look forward to hear your incredible story.